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Kapleshwar Optics is the largest optical boutique in Chennai, providing quality eyewear to our customers for over 32 years. We offer quality eye examinations, the latest in contact lens technology, a fantastic frame selection, and more. Our well-educated and enthusiastic staff is excited to assist you with your vision needs. We cater to various customer needs and requirements ranging from cosmetic eye-accessories to prosthetic aids. Special emphasis on personalised attention and immaculate service comes naturally to us. With it comes maintaining a long-term relationship with our customers, which is a tradition with us. Previous and current records of all our customers are diligently maintained to enable easy ordering of prescription lenses and spectacles from anywhere in the world.

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  • Sunday 10:30AM - 8:00PM
  • Monday 10:30AM - 8:00PM
  • Tuesday 10:30AM - 8:00PM
  • Wednesday 10:30AM - 8:00PM
  • Thursday 10:30AM - 8:00PM
  • Friday 10:30AM - 8:00PM
  • Saturday 10:30AM - 8:00PM

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