Privacy Policy

The type of information collected by the service Chennai Biz Book

  1. The Privacy Policy summarizes the manner in which we treat any information that is considered personally identifiable about the device you use and you, irrespective of it being a mobile, a computer or any other device for that matter to visit, use or access the service being offered by us. This policy does not cover any information that has been collected from on sites, offline sites, destinations, services or applications that have been linked to the services being offered.

  2. Personal identifiable information is collected by the service with the consent and the specific knowledge of the user. You can consider an instant where you enter a contest or a sweepstakes where you make a purchase, subscribe to our publication(s), complete a survey, set up an account, register for specific services, visit certain portions of the service or whole, you may have been asked to provide certain details and choose a User ID/password. You may even have provided debit, charge, credit card number or any other relevant information, including your telephone number(s), name, street address or email that can be considered personally identifiable. Information pertaining to your gender, age, number of the device or an avatar request can also be placed while registering for the service. You may also be asked to furnish information via services such as SMS, email, MMS or any other technologies. Such information shall be treated as “Registration Information” in the Privacy Policy.

  3. Our servers may also collect information automatically about your computer, online behavior, mobile, about you or any other device. The collected information can include the model, make, specifications (browser type, connection speed, CPU speed, operating system), settings, content viewed, geographic location of the device, IP address, time/date stamp, ads viewed, time of visits, the application(s), service(s), destination(s) and/or site(s).

  4. If you choose to visit, use or access any third party social networking service(s) that can be integrated with the service, the personally identifiable information may be received by us about your computer, mobile, you or any other device that can be used to access the service. This may even include the information pertaining to contacts on such services. The decision pertaining to the usage of social networking service in conjunction with our service would be purely considered voluntary. You need to be sure that you would be comfortable with the third party sites accessing your information and make it available to our service. We hold the right to transfer, use, sell, assign, provide and share all personally identifiable information about your computer, mobile, you or any other device that we get from third party sites in the same manner that has been described in the Agreement pertaining to all your information.

How is your information used by Chennai Biz Book?

  1. We utilize the personal information furnished by you to Chennai Biz Book in order to offer you service pertaining the product, merchandise, service, content or product that has been requested by you. For instance, if you subscribe to the publication, we may utilize your email address in order to send you a confirmation notice and also to send the publication. If you decide to enter into any sweepstakes, we may utilize the information in order to notify if you are the winner. We may also utilize your email to inform you about the products, services and features in order to improve the services that are offered by us.

  2. Unless it has been specified, we may share or sell information about your mobile, computer and any other device or you, including the information submitted during the registration process, including our subsidiaries, affiliates, or parent companies who may offer you services that you would be interested in. If you are not interested in having your personally identifiable information shared with any of the third parties that have no form of affiliation, then you can contact the Privacy Policy Coordinator of Chennai BizBook that has been described in the end of the document. If you are not interested in receiving any commercial messages in future, then you can consider unsubscribing the instructions that are offered to you with the messages received by you. You need to note that we would be communicating with you pertaining to the transactions or send you messages pertaining to your profile or account. If you have registered with Chennai Biz Book, then please use the contact information in order to update or change your information or your membership preferences in order to maintain the accuracy in the data. If you are no able to locate the contact information, then you may contact the Privacy Policy Coordinator that is as follows with the changes.

  3. We may allow third parties to access our database that offer us services such as market research, forums management, community, technical maintenance, shopping, auction services, job/personal search and other functionality. This is done with the sole purpose of providing the services. There are several times where the information furnished by you is managed by the third parties. We may also share your personal information with our advertisers to make it possible for them to serve you better with ads of your interests. We may require such parties to adhere to policy services that are appropriate and do not, in many manner, authorize them to utilize the information for the purpose that has been expressed in this policy. We do not in any manner bear any responsibility for the policies or actions of the third parties.

  4. We have the right to use, share and access your personal information with others for the purpose of safety, health and any matter concerning public interest.

  5. We would offer access to the database of Chennai Biz Book while cooperating with legal proceedings or official investigations that has been initiated by the law enforcement officials or the government. We may respond to requests by private parties in case of a search warrant, legal process or court orders.

  6. We also reserve the right to utilize the information collected about your mobile, device or computer which includes the geographical location as well for the purpose of identification, for lawful business activity which includes diagnosing the issues with the servers, to analyze trends, to gather demographic information, track the movements of the service being utilized by the users of Chennai Biz Book. Information pertaining to your mobile, computer or any other service can be used specifically to sponsor messaging and to show content based on the location.

  7. We hold the right to transfer, use, share and sell anonymous and aggregated data about the users of the service for any business activity that is legal which includes seeking compatible advertisers, clients, customers, sponsors and for analyzing usage trends.

  8. We may sell or buy various assets in our business changes in addition. In case a portion of the assets or the entire asset is assigned, sold, acquired or transferred to any company, the information with us would be transferred along with the assets.

  9. We hold the right to have you identified on the basis of your registration information and to co-mingle or merge non-personal or anonymous data about your online and offline behavior for lawful purposes.

Privacy Policy Coordinator

If in case you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of the aforementioned Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact our Privacy Policy Coordinator as follows:

Privacy Policy Coordinator Chennai Biz Book Subsidiary of Impower Solutions Private Limited VTN Tower, 4th Floor, Rajiv Gandhi Salai (OMR), Siruseri, Block - C, Mantry Synergy, Rajiv Gandhi Salai, Old Mahabalipuram Rd, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 603103

For us to be able to help you in a better way, please make sure to include enough information about you, for example, your name, contact info, the website, application, mobile site and/or any other service that you are contacting about. Note: The Privacy Policy Coordinator should be contacted with only regard to inquiries about the aforementioned policy or your personal information. Any other communications will not be responded to or accepted.